A Sneak Peak of Going Greek!

Katie Wolfendale, CSSH ’23 //

In all honesty, I had never quite pegged myself as a “Sorority Girl.” Not that I had any negative preconceptions – it was actually quite the opposite, as my only sorority exposure was Elle Woods in Legally Blonde – and who wouldn’t want to be Elle Woods? But that being said, I just couldn’t necessarily see myself being super involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life.

I studied abroad for my first semester at Northeastern as part of the N.U.in program, and when I returned to the Boston campus, I knew I wanted to be as involved as possible. When my older brother, a fellow, albeit former, Husky, told me his one regret from his college years was that he didn’t join fraternity and sorority life, I took his sentiment as a lesson, and decided maybe I ought to get involved myself. 

Funnily enough, that spring of my first year at Northeastern, there was a new sorority being established on the Northeastern campus, and I was able to go through recruitment that spring, and ultimately was able to find my home away from home in this sorority.

When I tell people that I’m in a sorority, a lot of the follow up questions pertain to what recruitment looks like, and what we actually do. So if you’re someone who might be interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, or maybe you’re just curious about what FSL looks like at Northeastern, I hope this post gives you a little more insight into what it’s like to join and be involved in fraternity and sorority life at Northeastern.


At Northeastern, our sorority formal recruitment takes place in the Fall semester. This usually takes place over a couple of weeks, with three to four different days. During “normal times” these days are all in person, and you essentially just have the chance to get to meet the members of the different sorority chapters. Even though this past fall semester looked a little different due to the pandemic and maintaining social distancing and all other health and safety protocols, we were still able to have those conversations and meetings – just over Zoom! Throughout recruitment, you get the chance to feel out which sororities might be your best fit, since the process truly is about allowing you to find your forever home! By the end of recruitment, hopefully you will have found your new sisterhood, and you’ll continue with your chapter through the different processes of becoming a full sister!

What We Do

Each sorority and chapter is a little different, so I want to first note that I can only speak to my experience. That being said, we really do a bit of everything. First and foremost, my sorority does a ton of philanthropy work. We are partnered with a local shelter in Boston, and since it is super close to campus we are able to contribute to them both in person (when it is safe to do so) and monetarily as well. During the school year, we hold various fundraising events as well. We also were thankfully able to help our partnered shelter throughout the pandemic, and I think this was definitely an amazing way to be more involved in my sorority but give back and help out during such a challenging time.

In addition to philanthropic events, we also partner with other fraternities and sororities on campus. This allows us to gain a closer relationship with other fraternity and sorority members at Northeastern, and it also means that we can support them in their philanthropic events as well. I think one of my favorite events with another organization on campus was from last year when we made face masks with our sisters and the other organization! We did it right before finals week, so we were able to meet some new people and destress a bit before we headed into such a busy and stressful time.

While we of course do a ton of philanthropic activities and events partnering with other fraternities and/or sororities on campus, we also make sure we are frequently doing things as a chapter! We have chapter meetings once a week, and these are times where we fill each other in on all of the things going on in our sorority, as well as connect with one another. Throughout the semester we have sisterhood events, and these can range from roller skating, gingerbread house making, and, now, movie nights over Zoom! We also have both a semiformal and formal dance in the fall and spring semesters, respectively. These are fun ways to end our semesters, and give us a chance to dress up and hang out with our sisters! 

Although the things I mentioned are definitely some of my favorite things I have done with my sorority and within the FSL community at Northeastern, that list is definitely not exhaustive! With so many people and such a strong and positive community, there are endless things to do no matter what. 

Being in a sorority is definitely a ton of fun, but more than that, I have found a community and family of incredibly genuine, kind, loving, funny, and amazing sisters! Although my friends who aren’t involved in fraternity and sorority life were definitely still able to find their home and their place at Northeastern, I don’t know what I would do, or who I would be, without my experience in FSL at Northeastern.

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