MBTA Adventures Part 1 | Featuring the Green and Blue Lines

Kaia Cooper // Business Administration Major with Concentrations in Management and Marketing, DMSB ’22

Hello Hello Hello!! 

Welcome Aboard Kaia’s MBTA Adventures! 

My name is Kaia, I’m a third year business student and today I’ll be your conductor! For those of you who may not know, the MBTA is Boston’s public subway system and between the Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Silver lines you can get almost anywhere in the city. Today I’ll be taking you on a little trip down memory lane on the Green and Blue lines. After all it seems only right to start with the Green Line, home of our very own Northeastern T Stop.

During my very first week of freshman year a friend from my Calculus for Business and Economics class, Sruthi, invited me to “College Night” at the Museum of Science. This was my first time taking the Green Line, we got on at the Northeastern T stop and constantly checked Google Maps, and the T map plastered to the inside of the train car to ensure we were going in the right direction and, 9 stops later we had made it to the Science Park T stop, right outside the Museum of Science. The Museum was packed with college students taking advantage of the night’s free admission. Sruthi and I explored the exhibits and got to know each other, we finished off the night at Blaze Pizza and took the Green Line back to Northeastern. 

Over the next several months (that somehow became years) the Northeastern T stop became our gateway to exploring all of Boston. The Boston Public Garden, Boston Common and Coply became frequent stops and soon we ventured to other branches of the Green Line to visit Coolidge Corner and other Boston Schools. 

February of my first year, the Resident Student Association hosted their annual Snowball at the Museum of Science and by this time we were seasoned pros and could nagiave the T line without Google Maps. (Pictured Right: On the Green Line home from the Snowball) 

At Government Center you can switch from the Green Line to the Blue Line, which brings us to our next adventure!

Another friend of mine, Alice, had been talking about visiting the beach all year but the right time never seemed to come up, so for her birthday in early April we surprised her and took the Blue Line out to Wonderland to visit Revere Beach. Aprils in Boston can still be pretty chilly but luckily for us that meant the beach was almost completely deserted. We took our time taking goofy pictures and walking along the beach. To finish the day off we celebrated with cake back on campus. A 10/10 memory – hoping to visit Revere Beach again with the same group of lovely ladies during our senior year and recreate the pictures. (Pictured Below: Alice’s Birthday at Revere Beach)

While the MBTA may seem tricky to navigate at first, I can assure you it’s easy to learn – by the end of your first year at Northeastern, it will be second nature! The T is such a convenient way to explore the city and all the adventures it has to offer. Stay tuned for part 2 featuring the Red, Orange and Silver Lines!

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