On Change and Uncertainty (& surviving an admissions cycle)

Victoria Shen/ Cell and Molecular Biology, COS ’21

Well, it finally feels like fall in Boston. While walking through campus this past week, it hit me that it is indeed fall, and I have just about one month left before I can change my LinkedIn bio from “Northeastern University Cell and Molecular Biology B.S. candidate” to “Northeastern University alumni” (what a concept!). I definitely have not fully processed this yet, and probably won’t until the spring semester starts and everyone is heading off to class and I’m not… but we shall see. I have really been trying to slow down and truly appreciate everything – from the early morning labs to the late nights working on assignments. I know that I will definitely miss being a student once the semester is over (both the good and the stressful parts); however, I would be lying if I said that I have been fully successful in doing so. 

I have spent the past few months stressing about the future and all the uncertainty that comes along with it. In Fall 2017, I was a senior in high school worrying about college applications and what my next four years would look like. Flash forward to present day, I feel kind of stuck in the same position. The major difference being this time I am worrying about dental schools instead of colleges… but it feels all too similar. Some of you might be feeling something similar right now. Although waiting around and hoping for the best is not always the most fun thing to do, I am really trying to embrace it this time around. I have been told by several people that these pivotal periods of time, although marked by uncertainty, are some of the most exciting times that one will get to experience. And honestly, I believe that. 

I remember going through the college application process four years ago and being super nervous about the major life decisions that came ahead. To be honest, once decisions came around and it came time to pick a school, I was not fully confident in my decision. But in the end, it truly all worked out. I cannot imagine having gone to school anywhere else, and am very thankful for all that I have been able to experience and accomplish at Northeastern. Just for fun, I actually read through some of my college application essays a few weeks ago. Comparing all of those papers to the personal statement I submitted to dental schools, I (and my roommates haha) can directly see how much growth I have experienced over the past few years. With this in mind, always remember that although change and uncertainty are hard, they are indicators that growth and greatness are coming soon. 

If you are applying to colleges right now and are waiting to hear back, my biggest advice would just be to relax (which is definitely easier said than done). But, just remember that you’ve put in the work, and now it’s time to show everyone what you have to offer! Currently, I am distracting myself by looking forward to all the homecoming events that are being thrown around campus this coming week. This past Monday, I snagged tickets to see Ali Wong, this year’s homecoming headline, which I am very excited about. And maybe, just maybe, I will finally be able to snag a stuffed husky before I graduate. I am really crossing my fingers for this one! Thanks for reading this chaotic blog post, I definitely have lots more to write and reflect about before graduation comes along. Hopefully, I will have some exciting news to share soon! 

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