Where To Get Support: Mental Health Resources at Northeastern

Megan Baumgarten // Psychology Major, COS ’23 Mental health should be considered just as important as staying active, taking care of your body, or taking care of your hygiene. Unfortunately, in today’s society, this isn’t as present in our culture as we would like to believe. While the pandemic has brought upon a new perspective … More Where To Get Support: Mental Health Resources at Northeastern

My Marathon in Sydney

Jonah Webb – Finance and Math Combined Major, DMSB/COS ’21, Waterville, Maine I think one of the coolest things about the NU.in Program is the in-sight excursions run by our program leaders. Not only do you spend your semester studying abroad and immersing yourself in the culture, but Northeastern runs incredible programs that showcase cultural … More My Marathon in Sydney

First Year Research

Meghan Tanguay, Chemical Engineering, COE ’21 Coming into Northeastern, I decided I wanted to major in Chemical Engineering without really knowing exactly what it was. I liked math and science in high school and I liked the sound of engineering, but I wanted to make sure that by the end of my first year I … More First Year Research


Bradley Colarusso, Behavioral Neuroscience, Pre-Med, Chemistry Minor, COS ’21 Hello hello hello! My name is Bradley Colarusso, and I’m a fourth year and (sadly) graduating senior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry on a pre-med track. What does all of that mean? I just really like science and couldn’t decide on one area … More The MCAT

Pack Your Bags… We’re Headed for Straya!

Katalina Baehring, Cell and Molecular Biology, Spanish Minor, Music Minor, COS ’23 // If you would have told me three years ago that I’d be flying halfway across the world for my first semester of college, I would have called you crazy. Honestly, when I received my acceptance into the NUin program, I completely forgot … More Pack Your Bags… We’re Headed for Straya!