Deep Dive into Dorc Diaries

This post is Article #1 of a series featuring Dorcas Olatunji, a first-year Economics and Business Administration student. My name is Dorcas Olatunji and I am a first-year student studying Economics and Business Administration at Northeastern University. I am a changemaker dedicated to building communities through experiential learning, public service, and civic engagement. I experienced … More Deep Dive into Dorc Diaries


Bradley Colarusso, Behavioral Neuroscience, Pre-Med, Chemistry Minor, COS ’21 Hello hello hello! My name is Bradley Colarusso, and I’m a fourth year and (sadly) graduating senior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry on a pre-med track. What does all of that mean? I just really like science and couldn’t decide on one area … More The MCAT

Pack Your Bags… We’re Headed for Straya!

Katalina Baehring, Cell and Molecular Biology, Spanish Minor, Music Minor, COS ’23 // If you would have told me three years ago that I’d be flying halfway across the world for my first semester of college, I would have called you crazy. Honestly, when I received my acceptance into the NUin program, I completely forgot … More Pack Your Bags… We’re Headed for Straya!

How I Got From Johannesburg to Northeastern (Literally and Academically)

Claire Pettit, CSSH/CAMD ’20 // Whenever I mention that I was born and raised in South Africa, I usually get the question “how did you end up all the way in Boston?” Well, I remember sitting at my kitchen table at home with the book in front of me, you know, one of those “Complete … More How I Got From Johannesburg to Northeastern (Literally and Academically)