What’s Grandma Saying?  

Teresa Schmeiszer / Mechanical Engineering, COE What language do you dream in? Can you say something? These are things bilingual individuals hear often. However, this piece will not be focusing on just being bilingual. This goes out to all the first-generation American college students who feel like they are losing touch with their culture. From … More What’s Grandma Saying?  


Imposter Syndrome – Realizing Your Calling and the Journey to Figure it Out

“Imposter syndrome” is a psychological term originally defined to describe the “internal experience of intellectual phoniness” felt by high achieving women in the workplace. Since its origin the term has expanded in its application and become a mainstay in the gen-z/millennial lexicon. What does it look like at Northeastern? Here’s what for Northeastern students have … More Imposter Syndrome – Realizing Your Calling and the Journey to Figure it Out

British Excellence on a Dialogue of Civilization

Michael Curtis / Business Administration & Communication Studies; Management Information Systems You already learned what a Dialogue of Civilizations is, but what do you do during these 4-6 week immersive Global Experiences in the most unique countries in the world? For me, I got to see the British Royal Family, interview Royal Experts, Executive Researchers, … More British Excellence on a Dialogue of Civilization

The Rundown on LLCs

Grace Aulisa / Business Administration and Communication Studies, Marketing Concentration, DMSB/CAMD ’23 After putting down my deposit at Northeastern, one of the first things I had to do was rank my choices for which living learning community (LLC), I would be placed in. At the time I had little to no idea of what this … More The Rundown on LLCs

Food for Thought: Where to Eat around NEU

Logan Buchalter / Mechanical Engineering / Minor in Math, COE’24 When it comes to dining hall cuisine, Northeastern certainly tops the list in the quality and variety departments. With that being said, one can only have International Village sushi for so many days in a row. If you find yourself craving some variety, you’re in … More Food for Thought: Where to Eat around NEU

What Comes Next?

Vivek Kanpa/ Data Science and Biology Major, Math minor, Khoury ’23 Recently, I received an email from the Registrar’s Office that was the first of its kind for me: graduation planning. In one surreal moment, I realized I had just a year and a half left before I graduate—just 8 more classes. And sure, I … More What Comes Next?

Research Opportunities (and how to find them)!

Victoria Shen/ Cell and Molecular Biology, COS ’21 Today’s post is going to be all about the exciting world of undergraduate research. I am going to focus on my personal research experiences: on/off campus and during classes/while on co-op. To preface, I have always been really interested in research and knew it was something I … More Research Opportunities (and how to find them)!