Deep Dive into Dorc Diaries

This post is Article #1 of a series featuring Dorcas Olatunji, a first-year Economics and Business Administration student.

My name is Dorcas Olatunji and I am a first-year student studying Economics and Business Administration at Northeastern University. I am a changemaker dedicated to building communities through experiential learning, public service, and civic engagement. I experienced my entire freshman year during a pandemic but I am grateful to have had support systems from Northeastern in the transition. I want to tell you a bit about myself and the communities I joined on campus. Throughout my pieces, you will learn about my interests in business, city living, personal development, art.

I am on a 4-year, 2 co-op graduation track and I am pursuing concentrations in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Analytics, as well as minors in potentially Law and Public Policy or Entrepreneurial Engineering. 

Throughout my first semester, I explored my interests as a Senator for the Student Government Association (SGA), Member and Team Consultant for TAMID at Northeastern (a business community supporting Israeli companies and professional development), and an Ambassador for Thrive Financial Services (learning and teaching financial literacy). I supported legislation mirrored by the concerns of Northeastern’s student body, consulted for an Israeli sustainable fashion company by developing market research deliverables, and devised ideas for committees within SGA and TAMID. I learned so much about building relationships, managing my time, and contributing to the Northeastern community. 

This past semester, I joined the Huntington Angels Network (a student-run venture capital organization), and the Student Diversity Access Fellows. As a Fellow, I get to share my experiences through this first-year series and blog! I cannot wait to bring you along on my journey and tell you more about the ins and outs of my lessons.

When I’m not writing case analyses for my Supply Chain class or participating in case competitions, I am painting records in my residence hall, Smith Hall (this year’s Business Living and Learning Community or LLC), exploring the city with my friends, or planning my next adventure. Outside of the DMSB curriculum, I have worked on a FinTech Design Challenge with students from the University of Buffalo, a Supply Chain Competition with NEU and MIT teams, and currently finishing my last case competition in Consulting of the semester with Northeastern friends. As the world starts to open up, I hope to volunteer around campus and play club volleyball this coming fall. 

I’m originally from a small town in Delaware called New Castle, but I am so glad I got to experience the vibrance and excitement that the bustling city of Boston has to offer. Living on Hemenway Street, I am conveniently located near campus but also near the popular Newbury Street, active Fenway Parks (or the Fens), and serene Charles River. All of these spots are either under or around 10-15 minutes of walking distance. I am also quite the museum buff so I loved visiting the Institute of Contemporary Art, and both the Museum of Fine Arts and Isabella Stewart Garden Museum twice. I find fulfillment in being apart of my business communities, classroom friend groups, and study spots around campus. 

Feel free to reach out to connect with me! I have so much to share with you 🙂 


Until my next entry!

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